Mirza Qadyani says ” Life and Death of Jesus E.s is not important part of his belief system and Not part of Islam and nothing to do with islam “

Ahmadis start and love to discuss death of Jesus . They always mimic with Muslims over their Belief system over Life and Lifting of Jesus to God , and call it against their Real islam . They call the belief as taken from Christians .

However Mirza Qadyani contradicted himself while calling Belief upon Life of Jesus as SHIRQ , but he took another stance here . In the scan (roohani Khazyian 3-page 171- Azala Oham, call Life and death of jesus has nothing to do with Islam . He says it is not part of Islam and just a prophecy from thousands of years . Mirza says that By the time this prophecy was not made Islam was not Uncomplete and Now after the prophecy ( of coming of Jesus back to earth) islam has not completed .

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