Mirza Qadyani used Abusive language in his poetry as well beside writings .

Mirza Qadyani Used Abusive and Vulgar language in his poetry and writings against Ariyans (HINDUS) , But he also used abusive language as well against his opponents in his Arabic Poetry as well and himself provides translation to his abuses . He adopted immoral ways to cause agitation against his opponent’s rather than adopting Mild way to call them to his Religion (Ahmadiat)

In the scan attached ( Roohani Khazyian Vol. 12- page 240 (Hujjah TA Allah) he called his opponent as ” LIYIEAM ” (Urdu word which means ” Cursed One ” ) and IBlees ( which means shitann -Devil” . All his writings are full of Abusive and vulgar words, on which Ahmadis hesitate to talk.

He called “Man with face of Dog ” Kuttay waliii Soorat Wala ” and wrote that ” Guy like you bark like a dog ” I.e (Urdu : Passs teeray jaisaaa admiii Kuttay kiii tarahan Bhoonktaa hayy ) . He also called his opponent that if you abuse me then in return you will hear abuses on same page (roohani Khazyian 12- page 231 Hujjah At Allah .

He called his opponent as “Attacking like dog ” and ” Habits of a Wolf ” and “heart of Rabbit ” in Roohani Khazyian 12- page 232 .

He also called his opponent as Cursed upon them Thousands and thousands time in (Rohani Khazain Volume 11 page 330 (Injaam Aatham page 46)
He called his opponents as ” these people to be Liars and eating dead meat like dogs “.

he used word ” Zurriyatul Bhagyia ” and himself translated it as ” Offspring of wrong (prostitute ) women and Offsprings of Dajjal (Anti Christ).

Conclusion : Mirza used abusive language in his writings & poetry .

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