Mirza Qadyani ate(spend) all the Pension of his father with Mirza Imam Ud din and did not returned to Qadyian due to shame. He joined courts on low salary

Seertul Mahdi – Quotation No.49 ( Book Written by Mirza Bashir M.A)

In the name of God Most gracious and Most merciful . Stated to me by Walida sahiba ( Wife of Mirza to her son Mirza Bashir ) that during the days of his Adulthood Maseeh maoud ( Mirza Qadyani) went to receive your grand father`s pension , and thus was followed by Mirza Imam ud din .Mirza Imam ud din defrauded and took him else where other than Qadyian after he (Mirza Qadyani) got the pension in his hands. He took him to other spot upon spot. When all the money was spend and finished he(Mirza Imma uddin) left him (Mirza Qadyani) .Maseeh Maoud (Mirza Qadyani) did not returned home due to shame .As your grand father always wished for his Job , so he joined court of Deputy Commissioner on very low salary.

Conclusion : Both enjoyed the pension on different spots and spending time together . Mirza Imam ud din was biggest fraud and he trapped mirza Qadyani . Mirza Qadyani knew the mistake he did with his father`s pension so he preferred to do Job in silakot rather than to return back to Qadyian .

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