Molvi Yar Mohammad (Qadyani companion) was mad and use to think about himself to be Pasr Maoud (Son of Mirza )and Muslah Maoud in his love for Mirza Qadyani , as written in Khutbatay Mahmoud

Khutbatay Mahmoud – page 733- 1936

Thus is reported in “Khutbatay Mahmoud ” about Molvi Yar Mohammad that ” He was a complete believer but People use to call him mad. May Allh forgive him as he was my teacher .he was companion of Maseeh maoud elih sallam ( Mirza Qadyani) .He had got some malfunction in his brain . This malfunction was due to his love that he use to consider himself as Lover of Maseeh Maoud ( Mirza Qadyani) . Due to his love , he use to think that Maseeh maoud elh sallam (Mirza qadyani) had made him as pasr Maseeh (son of maseeh) and Musslah Maoud .Once it happened that Maseeh maoud (mirza qadyani) was in habit to talk in such sentiments (emotions) that he use to take his hands towards laps .In such way he was saying some words that Molvi year Mohamamd jumped and sat on near him (mirza) .On such people asked him that why he did such a thing , he (Molvi year mohammad0 replied that maseeh maoud elh sallam (mirza) made such signals and such signals towards me that you to come forwards that’s why I jumped towards him. (Bla bla bla)

Conclusion : Bunch of mad Qadyani Mullahs and their contemplation .

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