Threats By Mirza Qadyani to his son for end of relationship over matter of Mohammadi begum (heavenly wife) that got married by relatives outside Qadian.Mirza Ordered his own son to divorce his wife over his antagonism against relatives .

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani was so much energetic and oppressive against his own relatives and even with his sons from first wife ( to whom he use to call as Phajhay diii Mann ) , that he issued warnings( as rebuttal ) and threats to his relatives after all his relatives showed their opposition in matter of Mirza One sided affair and love for mohammadi begum . He use to call Mohammadi begum as promised (heavenly wife) Urdu : Armani Mankooha .

As reported in Book Seertul Mahdi ” Quotation no: 37 , by Mirza Basshir M.A writes down that ” Stated by Amma Jan ( wife of Mirza) that After Mohammadi Begum got married at other place , all the relatives of qadyian showed their opposition against Hazrat sahb (Mirza) and tried efforts against him , and all sided with Ahmad Baig I.e father i.e Mohammadi begum , and thus arranged the marriage other wise (I.e not with mirza qadyani) , then Hazrat sahb (mirza) wrote letters to Mirza Sultan Ahmad and Mirza fazal Ahmad (his own sons from first wife ) that all opposed me (in matter of mohammadi begum marriage proposal ) , now even our graves cannot be united at one place .If you want to have relationship with me then you have to terminate your relationship with them , and if you want to have relationship with them then I cannot have relationship with you . I shall disinherit you in such situation .Walida sahiba ( wife of Mirza) told me that Fazal Ahamd that I am under so much indebted (due to Good relations) from Tayii ( auntie of fazal ) and I cannot end relationship with her .but he (Fazal Ahmad) also wrote that I cannot end my relationship with you as I am your relative . Then Hazrat Sahb (mirza) said(means wrote) that If this is right then you divorce your wife daughter of Mirza Ali shair as She was so much in opposition and was niece of Mirza Ahmad Baig . Mirza Fazal immediately wrote divorce deed and send it to Hazrat Sahb ( Mirza Qadyani) .Fazal Ahamd was so much shy and use to stay with his but due to curse of second wife he went and sided with relatives in the end . (bla Bla bla)

Conclusion :

Mirza Qadyani Use to call Mohammadi begum as promised by God to get in Marriage with him . He used all dirty Tactics to get her . He used to call her as ” Heavenly wife ” Asmani Mankooha “. He also wrote letters to all relatives over begging and threatening them that Mohammadi begum and asking for her hand in marriage , but after she got married with Sultan Baig (Patti India ) , he never quitted .He continued his dirty tactics even threatened his own sons to to end their relationship with relatives .And even to Divorce their own wife over his matter (one way love ) . ( writer )

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