Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan who was a richest follower of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani to whom Mirza sahib got his under aged daughter Mubaraka Begum married, at the age of 11 against a dower money of Rs. 56,000/-, while groom was probably in his fifties.
In all of the Qadiani books he has been mentioned as the Nawab of the State of Malir Kotla in the Punjab Province of British India. Qadiani writers also give the title of Nawab to Mubaraka Begum by writing her name as “Nawab Mubaraka Begum”.
In his book Izala Auham part 2 page 525 Mirza Ghulam Qadiani mentions Muhammad Ali Khan in the following words:-
“Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan Sahib is Raees (Chief) from the family of Riasat Malir Kotla. He belonged to a noble family of Chiefs of Malirkotla. Nawab sahib is from the linage of Shaikh SadrJehan, a saint and founder of the State of Malir, and son of Nawab Ghulam Muhammad Khan.”
A search into the State of Malirkotla and its Rulers (Nawabs), reveals that neither Muhammad Ali Khan nor his father, said to be Nawab Ghulam Muhammad Khan has been mentioned in the list of rulers of Malir kotla State. (1672-15th August,1947.)
It has been further revealed that most of the population of Malirkotla are Muslims which is present there even after partition of India in 1947. Whereas no trace of Qadianism is found in that State. Qadiani books also confirm that Muhammad Ali Khan had left Malirkotla and had permanently settled in Qadian during the life time of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani.
Tareekh Ahmadia states that, after her marriage in 1908, mother Nusrat Jehan accompanied Mubaraka Begum to the house of Muhammad Ali Khan, and handed her over to him at his house, the stairs of which were adjacent to the house of Mirza in Qadian. Qadiani books do not mention as to why a nawab has left his ancestral state and settled in Qadian.

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