Mirza says ” The Muslims Ummah divided into 73 Firqa on 3rd century (Islamic) and no one agreed on Coming of Mahdi or Maseeh in same way” .He also lied on Beliefs of Sunni Muslims ,to fit himself in by Quoting Half of the hadees and took wrong meanings from it .

Mirza Qadyani claimed to be Mahdi and Maseeh but his own writings are controversial against his own claims . He says in Roohani Khazyian 22- page 44- Haqeeqatul Wahi that” Truth is this that Muslims divided int 73 Firqa and their beliefs were spreading against each other (Firqa) . Non of them believed ( with each other )in same way on coming of Mahdi and Maseeh . For example the mahdi of shias is in a cave and he has the real Holy Quran and companions of the prophet will become alive and he will take revenge from them on Seat of Khilafat . And for sunnis No Human is going to be born in a family nor will be in times of Eisa .Some people say that he will be descendant of Fatima While other say that he will be from Bani Abbass, While others go for thinking on hadees that he will be One man . Some say Mahdi will come in Mid of times and then Eisa will come after that. They present the hadeeses on it . Some say that Mahdi and Eisa are not two distinct personalities but is one .They present “LA MAHDI ILLA EISA” Hades on it .( etc etc )

While on other hand I have seen ahamdis show them self as 73rd Firqa and call them self as “successful FIRQA” and call their Islam as “real islam” . while above quotation is itself from Mirza Sb to say that 73 firqas had been developed in 3rd century .Mirza Didnot knew what he was writing and neither his followers knows the Actual Writings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani .Sunni Muslims never believed in coming of One personality (Eisa and Mahdi) to be one .This was a clear lie on Sunni Muslims (Majority of followers ) >he also Quoted part words of hadees , LA MAHDI ILLA EISA .This is a full hadees in which Holy prophet pbuh have told about Two Distinct Personalities . Mirza Only took few words from hadees and took his desired meaning . I have noted that even today some ahamdis quote this hadees in their favor but donot know the full hadees and reference .

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