.On 27 December, 1898 Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, published his book “Kashful Ghita”. As marked on the title page, the aim of writing of this book was to introduce Mirza, his Jamaat and his teachings, to the British Colonial Government and the refutation of the charges of opponents that they are anti government Jamaat. Mirza Sahib has appealed to the government officers that it will be a great favour and obligation upon the poor jamaat, if they read this book for the sake of honour and crown of the honourable Queen of England.At page 5 onward Mirza sahib writes:-“for about 19 years of my life I have been busy in publishing books in Arabic and Persian language addressing Muslims to serve this government sincerely and be loyal to them. I have sent these books to far flung countries like Arab, Kabul Syria. Although, some fool Mullahs declared me kafir or an agent of this government, due to these writings, Yet, I believe these books had great impact on the hearts of some wise peoples.”On 24 August, 1899, after about eight months of publication of “Kashful Ghita”, Mirza sahib published another booklet titled “SITARA QAISARAH”. On the title page, Mirza writes, this magazine describes the blessings of the reign of Holy Queen of England and the various heavenly and earthly blessings that have emerged in her holy time of queen ship. At page 4 of this booklet, Mirza sahib writes:- “The services, this humble self carried out for this government was that this humble self published 50 thousand books telling muslims that this government is our benefactor and we should obey it sincerely, pray for this state with deep heart. I have spread these books, magazines and advertisements in Urdu, Arabic and Persian in all islamic countries like Kustuntunia, cities of Syria, Egypt, Kabul and other cities of Afghanistan and to the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah. As a result of this people in hundreds of thousand left the idea of Jihad which have created in their hearts due to the teachings of these fool Mullahs.”In above two writings, at one place, Mirza sahib is referring to his services to the British Government and telling that it impacted some wise people. But after Eight months time he describes that his writings impacted hundreds of thousands of people. This contradiction in his statements proves that he was a liar not a Mahdi or Masih etc.(Kashful Ghita Rohani Khazain Vol-14 page 185Sitara Qaisarah Rohani Khazain Vol-15page 114)

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May be an image of one or more people, monument and text
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