Mirza Qadyani use to keep his keys attached with Cummerband (Nala ) and Rattling sound of Mirza Qadyani `s keys

Seertul Mahdi (written By Mirza Bashir M.A0 Quotation ref : 652 ( On authority of Dr. Mohammad Ismail Sb)

Mirza Qadyani was a laughing stuff for his opponents and a Question for his blind followers . So many of his followers left their commitment with him to follow him due to his funny and idiot habits

This is the Quotation and scan whereas Mirza was attacking his keys with his Nala ( cummerband ) and those keys were producing rattling sounds . The reason explained in the quotation was that Silky Cummerband was easy to open for the excessive URINE problem of Mirza Qadyani and Mirza had problem of getting rid of Quick URINE , as explained by the quotation provider

Conclusion : Mirza Qadyani was a Idiot and a funny Man (ADMIN)

No Concept of “musleh maoud ” in islam . The concept of “Musleh Maoud” in Ahmadiya is total Fraud

There is No Concept of Musleh Maoud In islam . Quran does not present any word that can be linked with the Qadyani claims of Mirza Bashir to be ” Musleh Maoud ” . There is not even a single hadess that uses the word.

Qadyani (Ahmadi) people even celebrate “musleh Maoud” day . The Promised Reformer Day (UrduYawm-e-Musleh Maud) is celebrated by Qadyanis  annually on 20 February in remembrance of the prophecy concerning the birth of an “illustrious son” which has no base in Islam.

Our Ex-Ahmadi Brother Bashir Shah have worked hard for the data on Qadyani Concept of Musleh Maoud and Fraud played by Mirza Qadyani /

Chanda (Charity) asked in Ahmadiya Religion In the name of Dead People

In 1982, a few months after Mirza Tahir Ahmad became Khalifa, he begged Ahmadi’s to pay Chanda under the names of their deceased family members (see Introduction to Financial Sacrifice”, pages 112-113).
The quote

“How can one be considered dead whose Chanda continues to be paid? We have to reorganise Daftar 1. I want this Daftar to continue till the Last Day. The names of those who have once made exemplary sacrifices for the faith should never be forgotten. Their descendants should continue to pay Chanda on their behalf, and never should we say that even one of them is dead. They are alive in the sight of God and are also living in the form of their sacrifices. We should
continue to witness the signs of their life in this world as well.”


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In his book Aina Kamalate islam page No 651, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani writes down that :“It has been disclosed to me that this man (Lekhram) shall be put under severe punishment, within six years from today ie 20th February , 1893, for the derogatory language he uses against the prophet of Allah, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. So I announce this to Ariyas, Muslims , christians and all other sects that if Lekhram is not uniquely punished (Azab), then I shall not be from Allah. Nor this utterance is from his spirit. I am ready to face any punishment if am proved to be a liar in this prophesy. I will accept the punishment of being dragged by a rope in my neck.”On 6th of March 1897, Lekhram was stabbed to death in Lahore by an unknown assailant. Since a sharp knife was used in the murder of Lekhram so at this stage, Mirza Qadiani spoke lie and said he had prophesied that Lekhram would be killed with a knife whereas in his prophesy, no mention of any weapon was made, Mirza Qadyani did not even prophesied his death rather he had given the news that Lekhram would be put to a unique Azaab. Subsequent to the death of Lekhram, Mirza Qadiani, In his book Nazulul Masih, Rohani Khazain Vol-18, page No.553, writes:“I have prophesied about him (Lekhram) that he would be killed by being attacked with a knife.”

Now see how cleverly Mirza Qadiani added the word knife to his prophesy after Lekhram,s death. Now I would like to draw the attention of readers to the words of Mirza in his book Siraj e Munir page No.23, Mirza Qadiani says : “any prophet or follower who fabricates a prophesy and then attempts to fulfil it is worst than a dog.”I ask Qadianis to plz think that Mirza Qadiani was proved a liar in his own writings as the one that is mentioned here. (Screen shots of Aina Kamalate Islam page 651, Nazulul Masih page 553 RK Vol-18 and Siraj e Munir page No. 23 are attached.)

Scans attached

Ahmadi Mullahs changed the “Mistake of revelation in English language ” by God of Mirza Qadyani .

The Actual Revelation upon Mirza was a broken English and exact quote was ” word of god not can exchange ” was changed by Ahmadi mullahs in Tazkirah ( Book of revelation of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani ) as ” word of god can not exchange’.

Ahmadi Mullahs love to change their books and in continued process of changing their own books and in rectification of the revelations .

see down

Mirza Qadyani Secret of using “TONIC WINE ONCE “was revealed by his Own Son Mirza Mahmoud

YES MY FATHER USED TONIC WINE ONCE. HE WAS A BON VIVANT.ADMITS MIRZA MAHMOUD K2 & SON OF MGAQ BEFORE THE DISTRICT AND SESSION JUDGE GURDASPUR, MR. GD KHOSLA.ANOTHER EYE OPENER PROOF FOR QADIANISIn order to respond to the misdeeds of Mirza Mahmoud and MIRZAI,S hooliganism at Qadian, Jamaat e Ahrar fixed a jalsa at Qadian which was held on 21 October, 1934. Renowned Orator and a top leader of Indian Independence movement, Syed Ataullah Shah Bukhari addressed this Jalsa and delivered a spirited speech there.Mirza Mahmoud put every effort to stop this Jalsa but he failed. On 7th December, 1934 Syed Ataullah Shah Bukhari was arrested and a case was registered against him on the charge of promoting hatred and he was sentenced to six months rigorous imprisonment by Dewan Sukh Anand Special Magistrate Gurdaspur, Punjab.An appeal was filed before the Court of Mr. GD Khosla (ICS) Session Judge Gurdaspur. In his Judgement the honourable Judge exposed the Qadiani Jamaat and its founder by portraying it,s actual face. The honourable Judge then reduced the sentence till rising of the court. COURT,S OBSERVATION REGARDING PLOMER,S TONIC WINE AND ADMISSION OF MIRZA MAHMOUD REGARDING HIS FATHER MGAQ.Mr. GD Khosla in his landmark judgement observes :-“the Mirza, as it appears, was in the habit of taking a certain tonic called as Plomer,s Tonic Wine and on one occasion ordered his correspondent to get it for him from Lahore. There is also some reference of YAQUTI in one or two other letters. THE PRESENT MIRZA (Mirza Mahmoud) ADMITTED IN HIS EVIDENCE THAT HIS FATHER DID, ON ONE OCCASION, TAKE PLOMER,S WINE AND HE WAS WHAT MIGHT BE DESCRIBED A BON VIVANT.(The court proceding and Judgement as published in Qadiani Mouth organ Daily Al-Fazl Qadian dated 15 June 1935. Screen shot attached. )

Mirza Qadyani was allowed to sit on Bed with God to get signatures of God under Love and affection.( Book Seertul Mahdi) Quotation no.79

Seertul Mahdi – Quotation 79- Book written By By Mirza Bashir M.A

” I have seen that (I am in) Big and large House .There is a bed .There is a One person sitting as King on it . In my heart it is added that the Person is God of universe .I also convince myself as such that I am his relative . I have written some matters regarding fate and destiny and thus I go to that person so that I can take his signatures . On going to him , he sat me near to him on bed with extreme Love and affection. My condition was just like a son meets his father after so much years ( Long time) . His heart becomes filled (with Love and affection) and In my heart it has pondered that He was God of universe and thus he sat me with him with such love and affection. I presented those documents written by myself to be signed to him.


Mirza Qadyani provides choice for the rejection and acceptance of hadess(sayings of Holy prophet PBUH) after getting knowledge from God.

Roohani Khazyian 17 Page 51 Zamima Toufa Golria Mirza qadyani writes in Foot Notes that ” I have been informed by God that all those hadeeses that are presented by them (his opponents) are Dirty (changed) in their actual meanings and words or are not on topic . And that One is a Judge He has a choice to accept those hadeeses and reject those hadeeses as per his choice on getting knowledge from God.

Comments : Mirza Did not believed in Hadeeses and wanted to select his own hadeeses with his own required meanings .

Mirza Qadyani predicted About his Hajj – Another failed prophecy ( Fact was that Mirza Never gone for Hajj )

Mirza Qadyani wanted to fulfill the prediction of Hazrat Eisa e.s (Jesus) to go for Hajj ( as most of Muslims Believed to happen near/before day of judgement ) and wrote metaphorically about what Killing of dajjal means ( just to find excuses and to answer to Mullahs to find refuge in metaphorical lies ) .

He (Mirza Qadyani) mentions that It is written In Muslim (book of Hadees ) that Holy Prophet pbuh has seen DAJJAL and Hazrat Eisa (e.s) to do Hajj together . he says Dajjal will not be killed Physically but (his killing )is his leaving away notions of un believing . In Roohani Khazyian 14-Page 417 (Ayam Ul sullah) he writes that One group of Dajjal will do Hajj after their becoming believers . So My days of hajj will be On having Dajjal (anti christ ) having contemplation of Doing Hajj and becoming believer…..bla bla bla

Comments : Mirza Qadyani never planned nor tried ever to go for hajj . This was his another failed prophecy .

Mirza Qadyani says that People should learn from God to address him as “Mirza Sb ” , and not “Mirza” .He says God feels shame to address him .

Mirza Qadyani In Roohani Khazyian 22- page 369- in Haqeeqatul Wahi says that God has addresses him by “Mirza sahb” , and not by “Mirza ” and God feels shame to address him . Mirza Qadyani says ” People should learn the ethics to how to address Him (Mirza )